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About Us


Ruth Lovin
My interest in photography began as a teen living in the Amazon jungles of Peru. My grandfather did photography as a hobby and had his own darkroom here in the US as well as in Venezuela when he lived there. He gave me my first camera, taught me a lot of the basics and encouraged me to learn more. There was only film during that time, and because of where I lived I had to develop my own prints if I wanted photos. My grandfather has since passed away, but I think often of his influence on my life in the area of photography as well as in many other areas. 

Over the past 14 years I have been working with digital photography, graphic design, and videography.
We also work with some overseas mission and non-profit groups to provide promotional and informative videos and photography products at no charge.
Because I was born in Germany, grew up in Peru, and attended school in the UK,  I have had opportunities to travel in many countries. Travel is one of my favorite activities and I love meeting new people and experiencing new places and cultures.

We have had the privilege of doing wedding photography in several countries, as well as many states in the US. As of 2018, we have done over 150 weddings as well as hundreds of other types of sessions.